Nikki Harrington


Ray has something he wants to say to Benny.

An established relationship story.

Written: August 2008. Word count: 500.



As closets had defined so much of their relationship, Ray decided it would be the ideal place to propose to Benny. And in theory it was.


However, practice was something else entirely.


Ray couldn't believe it. Every time he managed to maneuver Benny near to the one he regarded as 'theirs', someone or something interrupted him.


Firstly, it was Dief throwing up, which in itself was novel. The wolf ate anything and everything and seemed to have an iron constitution. He was never sick, never; well not unless you counted the time Victoria had - But Ray wasn't counting that. He tried to tell Benny the janitors would clean it up, but no, Benny had to do it himself.


Then once that was safely dealt with and Dief was happily eating a donut, Ray's mother called with a list of shopping she needed. Ray didn't even both to ask why Frannie, who was at home, couldn't get the stuff, he just scrawled a list and promised to go shopping.


And then just as he'd dragged Benny to the closet door, Lieutenant Welsh called him and once again Ray was thwarted. He escaped after reassuring Welsh he'd clear at least five of his outstanding cases that day, and assuring him he'd stop Fraser from re-arranging the filing system again.


The next time he actually managed to get Benny inside the closet when Elaine banged on the door to say Inspector Thatcher was on the phone. Apparently a good Mountie should put in at least one expense claim per month; Benny hadn't filed one for nine.


And then, just as Ray was certain no one else could call or demand attention, just as he had Benny inside the closet and had opened his mouth, the fire alarm began to screech. Ray was all for staying where they were, certain it was a drill. But Benny was Benny and so they found themselves outside on the street being duly counted.


By that time Ray's head was thumping and he was close to giving up on the idea; maybe God or someone else didn't want him to propose. Maybe it was karma; maybe it was all a bad idea anyway; maybe Benny would say no. Maybe Benny would do worse than say no, maybe he'd just talk around the issue; pointing out that two men couldn't actually, as such, get married. Maybe . . .


But then he put his hand into his pocket and felt the small box under his fingers and he knew he had to go through with it. He wanted to go through with it.


Once more he guided Benny into the closet, closed the door and took a deep breath. Then he let it out again and waited; waited for something to happen.


But nothing did.


So he took another deep breath, reached out and took Benny's hand. "Benton Fraser," he said, his mouth suddenly dry. "Will you marry me?"


Benny beamed happily. "Oh, yes, Ray," he said, leaning forward and kissing him. 



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