Nikki Harrington


Ray notices something odd about Benny and acts on it.

A first time story.

Written: August 2008. Word count: 500.



"And so Ma said -" Ray came to an abrupt halt and just stared at Benny. Surely he hadn't seen what he thought he'd seen. No, of course he hadn't. It was just a trick of the light or something.


"Your mother said what, Ray?"


"Huh? Oh, yeah. She said that if Frannie ever -" Once again Ray stopped dead and looked at his partner. He'd done it again, and this time it was no trick of the light or anything else. Benny had winked at him. Benton Fraser had winked at him! But why? It couldn't be - No, of course not. That wasn't possible.


"Ray." The sound of Benny saying his name cut into his thoughts.


Ray shook himself mentally. "Yeah, Benny," he said, and tried to smile.


"You were telling me about your mother and something she said about Francesca."


"I was?"


"Why, yes, Ray, you were. Are you feeling all right, Ray?"


"I'm fine, Benny. Just - Look, I'll finish the story later when I pick you up. I have to go and see Lieutenant Welsh." And with those words, Ray grabbed two files and fled from his desk. Behind him he heard Benny saying something, but he didn't wait to hear what it was.


He spent two minutes in Welsh's office, long enough for Benny to leave and Welsh to think he was crazy, before heading to the men's room. There he shut himself in a cubicle and began to think.




"Hello, Ray," Benny said, climbing into the Riv and smiling at Ray. "Are you feeling better now?"


"I was fine earlier, Benny, it was just -" Ray couldn't believe it; Benny had done it again. He had winked at him again.


Well that was enough for Ray. Once might be an accident, twice, co-incidental, but three times . . .


"Er, Ray, I believe you just -" Ray heard Benny gulp, and out of the corner of his eye saw him grip the seat hard as he raced through a red light.


Once they reached Benny's apartment Ray dragged him inside, pushed him back against the door and kissed him. For a moment he felt Benny's surprise, but then to his own surprise and relief, Benny started kissing him back.




"Not that I am complaining at all, Ray, but why did you choose that moment to kiss me?" Benny asked, as they lay entwined under a single sheet on Benny's very hard bed.


"Oh, that," Ray said, lightly brushing Benny's chest with his fingertips. "Well, it was your fault really, Benny."




"Yeah. You were the one who winked at me all day."


"Ah." Benny's tone was not exactly reassuring.


"'Ah' what, Benny?" Ray asked, as a chill began to seep through him.


"Er, Ray, I have to confess that I was not winking at you. I merely had something in my eye."


For a moment Ray froze in horror, but his fears were allayed when Benny pushed himself up onto one arm and once again began to kiss him.



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