Nikki Harrington


The time has come for Ray to leave Chicago.

An established relationship story.

Written: March 2007. Word count: 300.





I'm leaving.


I'm leaving Chicago.


Leaving Ma. Maria. Frannie. The kids.


Leaving my job. My coworkers. My friends.


Leaving everyone I know and everyone who knows me.


Leaving everything I know.


Leaving my home.


Leaving the Riv.


Leaving Dief.


But none of those matter.


Not really.


Not when I'm leaving you.


Not when I'm leaving you, Benny.


Leaving Benny. How can I do that?


How can I?


I have to. It's my job. I've accepted the assignment. It's too late to change my mind. Too late. Too late to do anything except leave.


I'm leaving.


I'm leaving you and I can't tell you.


Can't say goodbye.


Can't tell you . . .


Can't tell you so many things.


Can't tell you how much I love you.


How much I need you.


How much I want you.


How much I'll miss you.


How much it hurts.


Can't tell you anything. Because they won't let me.


Lieutenant Welsh has promised he'll tell you when you get back.


But what good's that?


I know you won't blame me.


I know you'll approve. After all it's the Mountie thing to do.


I know . . .


I know so many things.


I know that you'll miss me.


I know that you'll be proud of me.


I know that you'll do whatever you have to do to help keep me safe.


I know that you love me.


I know that I love you.


I know that I can't live without you.


I know that I have to, at least for now.


I'm leaving you.


I'm leaving you, Benny.






But I will be back, Benny.


One day, God willing. I will be back.


Wait for me. Please.


Please, wait for me.


Don't leave me, Benny.


Don't leave me.


Don't leave me, Benny.


Don't leave me like I'm leaving you.



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