Nikki Harrington


Set during Free Willie.

Ray finally catches up with Benny.

An established relationship story.

Written: September 2007. Word count: 300.


 He never ceases to amaze me, does my Benny.


Or to irritate me.


One minute we're looking at a hovel he wants to live in.


The next we're chasing across roof tops, me following Benny, as always, after a kid who's snatched a purse. A purse, I ask you. Okay, so I'm a detective, an upholder of the law, but I'm not the only cop in Chicago. Try telling Benny that.


So I finally catch up with Benny and what does he do? He calmly hands me a gun.


That's right, a gun.


A gun.


A gun!


And he tells me, as composed as you like, that he took it off Willie.


The kid pulled a gun on him, and you what? Benny, that's right, Benny, Benton Fraser, upholder of law and justice, let him go!


Although apparently he didn't just ‘let him go', he let him go after a ‘stern warning'.


I tried to tell him there were rules about these kinds of things.


But did he listen?


No, of course he didn't.


I told him there were rules about tackling people, even kids, with guns. He shouldn't have done it. Not on his own; anything could have happened.


But did he listen?


No, of course he didn't.


He never does.


Well he listens; he just doesn't listen.


But I guess if he did, he wouldn't be my Benny, would he?


And he is. Mine, I mean. At least I hope he is.


So now I've got all the paperwork to do connected with this gun, not to mention explaining to Lieutenant Welsh, why we let the kid go. Note the ‘we'.


There are rules about that too; partnership that is.


That's what Benny and me are: partners.


Nice that, partners.


And I wouldn't change him.


He's my Benny.


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