Nikki Harrington


With his new lover still asleep, Ray watches the sun rise.

A first time story.

Written: August 2009. Word count: 400.




Ray slid from the bed, taking care not to wake his lover and, completely naked, walked towards the window. Dief, who'd been consigned to the floor, opened one eye, yawned and closed it again.


Before he got to the window, Ray turned and looked back at the bed and the sleeping Benny. Part of him still couldn't quite believe what had happened last night, had happened. He'd been spending time, as he did more and more often these days, with Benny, just eating, talking, enjoying the company, when Benny - yes Benny - had reached across the table.


He'd taken Ray's hand, tugged it towards him and had slowly and carefully kissed his way from Ray's little finger to his thumb and back again, before turning his hand over and licking Ray's palm. He'd then looked at Ray with those big Mountie eyes and said 'And I want to do that to all of you, Ray. I want to kiss and lick you all over'.


Ray shivered, not from the chill of the early morning, but from the memory of how Benny had done those things, and many more. The memory of Benny's mouth on his, his hands on his naked body, the way he paid homage to Ray, the way he made Ray feel the most loved, most beautiful person on the planet, was more moving than any experience Ray had ever had.


Finally, he tore his gaze from the ruffled Mountie and continued to the window. There he looked out at the beginnings of the sunrise. The sky seemed to burn as orange, red and yellow rays began to light it up. He stood, for how long, he didn't know, just watching the ball of fire creep up and up, the flames engulfing the dawn and making the whole sky seem aflame.


He stood seeing for the first time the true beauty in a sunrise; seeing it through different eyes; seeing it through the eyes of a man very much in love; seeing it through the eyes of someone who'd finally rediscovered the world had vivid colors.


He heard a slight noise behind him and turned to find Benny now awake and watching him. Ray held out his hand and waited until Benny slid from the bed and, as naked as Ray was, walked across the room to join Ray and watch the bit of the sun slither into place.



Where Ray Is is a companion piece to this story.



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