Nikki Harrington


Benny wakes Ray up to watch the sun rise.

An established relationship story.

Written: March 2008. Word count: 100.




"Ray, wake up."


"Huh? Benny? What's up?"



"But it's still dark."


"Yes, Ray."


"Then why are you waking me up?"


"I want us to watch the sun rise together."


Ray blinked at him. Benny had some strange ideas at time, but this . . . He was warm, drowsy, and it was his day off.


"Let's do it tomorrow, Benny."


"It must be today."




"Because a year ago today, while I was watching the sun rise, I realized I'd fallen in love with you, Ray."




Suddenly it didn't seem a strange idea.


Together, holding hands, they watched the sun rise.



Sunset is the companion piece to this story.


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