Nikki Harrington


A sequel to North.

Ray is in Canada.

An established relationship story.

Written: March 2008. Word count: 100.



 As he drove along the open road, Ray began to think about Benny and himself.


But they weren't really thoughts; they were flashbacks.


He saw Benny walking into the holding-cell.


He saw himself crawling through dumpsters.


He saw himself shooting Benny. Shooting the man he loved.


He saw himself trudging through woods with Benny over his shoulder.


He saw himself writing a letter. A letter he never sent.


A letter promising Benny he would be back.


He shook his head, forcing the flashbacks away.


They were too dangerous to be having here.


The road was too open.


He kept driving.



You Must Remember This is a sequel to this story.


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