Nikki Harrington


A sequel to Kissing Benny.

Ray had thought that everything would be all right, once he'd found Benny again.

An established relationship story.

Written: January 2008. Word count: 100.




We're beginning our journey home.


We're in the car.




Just driving.


Nothing else.


Just driving


I thought everything would be all right, once I'd found Benny.


I was wrong.


It isn't.


Yes, he was waiting for me.


Yes, he let me hold him, kiss him.


But that's just it: he let me hold him and kiss him.


And he hasn't spoken.


Not one word.


Not one single word since I opened the door.


He doesn't seem afraid of me.


He knows me.


But he's just . . .


I don't think he remembers what we were.


Guess we'll have to begin again.



Sweetest Sound is the sequel to this story.


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