Nikki Harrington


A sequel to Endless.

Ray has received an anonymous note about Benny's whereabouts.

An established relationship story.

Written: December 2007. Word count: 100.



It's snowing. That's a good sign, right?


Snow and Benny, they're kind of synonymous.


I feel good about it.

Maybe I shouldn't. But I do.


I'm about to embark on a journey based on an anonymous note telling me where Benny is.


I know it could be a trap, but I've got to go.


I couldn't live with myself if I didn't.


So I'm going.


And I'm going with more hope than I've had for months.


Maybe I'm just being over-optimistic, seeing the snow as a good sign.

But I have to.


Because for now, hope's all I have left.



Unknown Boundaries is the sequel to this story.


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